PierG :<<ciao, we did the analysis: to do what you asked, we need to spend X euros and N months of the sw dev team>>

InternalCustomer :<<what????>>

PierG :<<yes, you know, you want this and this, and we need to do that and that … and to integrate that … >>

InternalCustomer :<<PierG you are kidding: what I need it’s easier than that! It’s something more then a couple of Excel sheets. I’d do it by myself if I had time>>

In my experience, as an IT services internal (inside a company) provider, almost every user who gets into my office pretends to do what we do in less time, less costs with more quality.

What’s the rationale?

Well, you might think: you are providing a BAD BAD service … well I don’t think so. I know this effect is very well known by IT managers all around the world.

What’s the real rationale?

We accept to refuel with expensive oil without asking why we cannot use water (thank you Nic for the metaphor), while we don’t accept that building that piece of software or configuring an email server is not always a piece of cake!

What’s the rationale?