From this post on Michael Hugos’ blog (Doing Business in Real Time), I’d like to point out this sentence:

If we IT folks are going to rise to the challenge of real-time business; if we are going to be the heroes who deliver the systems our companies need, we have to become strategically focused and tactically agile. When you apply these three loops to running your IT organization and practice them consistently you will see that start to happen

Interesting concept starting from another post called : “The greatest innovation since the assembly line“. In this post Michael describes the big process of an enterprise using three loops:

LOOP 1:  the overall one. Here the company decides the what has to be done

LOOP 2: deals with operations. Here the company define the how improving the existing operations. We deal about efficiency.

LOOP 2: is for creating new operations. Here the company finds new opportunities, new ideas. We deal about effectiveness.


I suggest that you read the whole article.


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