I’ve got many comments to my previous ‘A good answer or a fast answer‘ post.

Here are some thoughts about that topic (knowing that I’m talking about an internal IT department giving services to other departments):

  • I don’t think it’s good to ask to a customer if he prefers a dirty or a good solution: giving a ‘wrong’ solution is not giving a good service
  • Understanding when it’s time to make a quality debt is an important skill that need deep technical knowledge AND good knowledge of the (customer’s) business domain
  • I think it’s important to take care of our customer giving FAST feedback and keeping him informed during all the process launched by his request
  • I think it’s important to deliver result SOON: and this means splitting the solution into incremental, visible pieces of values for the customer
  • I think it’s important to deliver continuously: don’t forget your customer after the first contact
  • The only way to do all this is gaining TRUST from our customer
  • To gain TRUST you need to: provide GOOD solutions ( = stable + matching customer’s needs) and ON TIME solution (learn to estimate properly!)