Reading this post on the Scobleizer blog, I reached an interesting post on Why Web 2.0 is more than a buzzword (and came in touch with a very good blog).

The post is not exactly on Web2.0, it’s more about buzzword, jargon and lexicon:

Part of the benefit of being “into” something is having an insider lexicon

Kathy writes:

if you took away our jargon, the conversations would not just be slower, they’d be dumber. […] The experience wouldn’t be as rich, productive, or engaging. Strip away the specialized words and you strip away part of why being better is better.

I do agree and I think using jargon is dangerous when talking to ‘non experts’ (for examples: customers).

Talking in a way our customer can understand is so important that’s one of the factors that makes the difference between being successful or not.


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