I’ve just read this article: Reining in IT by Scott Ambler.

Let me just paste this:

Six strategies to help improve your IT governance efforts.

  1. Manage through collaboration, not numbers. The best way to govern something is to be actively involved. Any metric that you collect is nothing more than an indication that you need to have a conversation with somebody.
  2. Keep metrics collection simple. Automate as much as possible. If a metric has to be collected manually, it will be done inconsistently.
  3. Focus on tangible results. Tested, working software is the only valid measure of software development. Having an accepted document isn’t a measure of earned value—it’s a measure of justified bureaucracy.
  4. Your goal should be to improve IT. Otherwise, why bother trying to govern it?
  5. Roll up your sleeves. Good managers understand and are actively involved with what they’re managing.
  6. Strive for consistent, flexible reporting. Different teams have different goals and require different processes; one reporting strategy won’t work in every situation.

Have a look!


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