I’d like to thank Blaine for the great comments about how the ‘why’ question can be dangerous AND helpful. You can read it in this post on his Stronger Teams Blog.

I agree so much in what he writes that I should quote the all post and I want just to point out some ‘good’ forms of ‘why’:

Asking ‘why’…

  1. Defines Success – by identifying the team’s purpose, team members can know when they are successful
  2. Creates Decision Making Criteria – a clear purpose helps the team decide where to put it time and resources
  3. Aligns Resources – similar to #2, allows the team to link specific resource allocations to key objectives
  4. Motivates – team members are motivated when it is clear their efforts are contributing to the team’s purpose
  5. Clarifies Focus – again, a clear purpose helps identify where to concentrate efforts
  6. It Expands Options – by focusing narrowly, rather than broadly, teams can consider more alternative strategies and tactics

And … just read it and give us feedback!