As IT services provider (internal IT dept.), I use to talk with my colleagues on how to give a better service. We joke saying that our users will be happy just when they’ll have a support personnel each.

Last Friday I went to a restaurant with my wife and my 2 years old son. As he has dinner early in the evening (around 7p.m.), we were almost the first family to seat.

I like that restaurant, good food and very good service: many waiters and very proactive service.

As the restaurant was nearly empty, we had one waiter each being even MORE active then usual.

We had a very good dinner and, going home, we agreed that this time the service was really too much. We felt a bit oppressed: no time to finish a dish that they came and get the plate, no time to finish wine that they fill the glass … PLEASE give me a break!

From this experience, I get that even a service can be too much: they tricky thing is finding the good balance (as usual!).