I was reading this great post in Tom Peters blog (Tom Peters is a real guru, put his blog in your feed aggregator!).

It’s a great post for two reasons: first because he write about House (yes, I too watch that damn little TV), and because Mr.Peters writes about what he calls ‘Dr.House’s Newtonian mind-set’ in approaching problems.

As De Carlo wrote in one of his books, the Newtonian mind-set is useful in approaching non eXtreme Projects. For eXtreme Projects (those who have a HIGH degree of uncertainty), De Carlo prefers a quantum mind-set. A quantum mind set assumes that change is the norm (while Newtonian mind-set assumes that stability is the norm).

And looking at the list Mr.Peters did, we recognize a high degree of agility in what House does in his approach:

  • Failures acknowledged instantly (early failure!)
  • Breathtaking speed!
  • Test! Test! Test!
  • Aggressive risk taking (courage!)
  • Sky high staff standards (people is the key)
  • Constant, impromptu mini-Brainstorm sessions (communication!)
  • Hates … routine/paperwork/problems that don’t enhance his medical understanding (avoid waste!)

In fact I agree with what Mr.Peters said and I add that Dr.House uses more a quantum mind-set in his being agile!


P.S. Well …. to tell the truth he has to work a little bit on the ‘customer relationship’ side 😉

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