I’ll not attend the 2006 OOPSLA but I hope some of my readers will do.

I’d love to have feedback on this presentation: Programmers are from Mars, Customers are from Venus: A Practical Guide to Working with Customers on XP Projects by Angela Martin, Robert Biddle and James Noble.

Here is the summary from the OOPSLA site:

This interactive and informative tutorial will introduce you to practices that will increase the effectiveness of the customer on your XP project. Customers have one of the most complex and difficult roles on a project, yet XP includes very few practices that support the customer in their role — the aim of this tutorial is to change that. Over the last three years, we have investigated many projects around the world to identify how customers succeed in this complex and difficult task — discovering not what people think should have happened, but what really happened and what actually worked! This tutorial distills this research, grounded in practical experience, into a 3-hour session, so that by the end of this tutorial you will have gained:

  • A realistic understanding of the complexity and difficulty of the XP Customer role.
  • An understanding of the key roles required on a customer team, both what they are and why they matter.
  • An understanding of the nine practices that enable customers to sustainably drive XP projects to successful completion – think “XP practices” BUT for customers.


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