Looking at the ComplexLab home page, I found a very good quote from Small World by Davide Lodge:

If you say something to me I check that I have understood your message by saying it back to you in my own words, that is, different words from the ones you used, for if I repeat your own words exactly you will doubt whether I have really understood you, But if I use my words it follows that I have changed your meaning however slightly; and  even if I were, deviantly, to indicate my comprehension by repeating back to you your own unaltered words, that is no guarantee that I have duplicated your meaning in my head, because I bring a different experience of language, literature , and non verbal reality to those words, therefore they mean something different to me from what they mean to you. […]Conversation is like playing tennis with a a ball made of Krazy Putty that keeps coming back over the net in a different shape.

I love it!


P.S. Thank you Roberdan for linking me to that site.

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