I wrote a previous post about this topic: quality of service (perceived by our user) is really based on communication.

Let me add something.

You order a car and they tell you are going to wait 3 months to get it. When THAT day arrives, you go to pick it and they tell you: oooopsss sorry, we had this and this problem and there is a delay. What do you think and feel in such a situation??

And what about when you call many times a call center because you continue to have a problem, for example, with your Internet connection and every time they start the call saying: please switch off your modem/router and try again??

And what about when you are talking with a doctor or a lawyer and they treat you as if you have some mental disease and don’t give you details you ask for?

I think that in these examples, what you perceive is that THEY DON’T CARE.

Take the car example: what if they have called you at home some weeks before (because they KNOW IT some weeks before) to tell you all the stuff and offer to give you some extra something for the pain you suffered? OK, the car will be late and you’ll be angry and they probably cannot do more but, at least, they take care of your need and demonstrate it.