You probably know that there is a new Agile SW Dev forum opened by a reference point in the agile community: Ron Jeffries .

One of the first threads is about ‘Measuring Agility’.

Among many interesting posts, I’d like to point out this one from Brad Appleton. Let me just underline what are, in his mind, the key characteristics of agility:

  • Adaptive – responsive to change in needs & requirements via continuous feedback and reflective retrospection
  • Goal-driven – focus on producing executable-results (working functionality) in order of highest business value.
    Iterative – short development cycles, frequent releases, regular feedback
  • Lean – simple design, streamlined processes, elimination of redundant information, minimal intermediate artifacts
  • Emergent behavior – highly collaborative self-organizing teams in close interaction with stakeholders


I do think it could be useful to have some set of key indicators for things like:

  • how frequent/infrequent various ‘events’ happen at various levels of scale (e.g., changes-committed, integration builds, stand-up meetings, restrospecting, iterations, releases)
  • how collocated people are
  • how responsive (versus plan-driven) the planning & prioritizing is
  • how much collaboration (as opposed to phase-based ‘handoffs’)

I suggest that you have a look at the entire post to have a clear understanding of his position and the entire thread if you are interested in this topic.


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