I was playing with my 2 years old son on the beach.

A young little girl (probably 3 years old) came by my son, looked at him and hit him with (visible) no reason.

My son stood up, looked at her with an astonishing face and just before starting crying, came and took me away.

This is a typical example of non communication. They were not able to communicate because of the poor language they have. Who knows what she wanted by my son: probably it was her way to say: do you want to play with me?

And, in this situation, my son had two possible reactions:

  1. hit her
  2. go away

This is a good example of how we react when there are no effective means of communication. And this happens not only because we have different cultures or different languages, but because many of us are no more used to LISTEN.

And you know what, if you don’t listen and don’t communicate, one is going to win and one is going to loose!


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