I was lucky enough to have a couple of weeks of holidays. And I was unlucky enough because the sea was not as good as a 2 year old baby can bare.

The first days it was a bit hard to convince my son to have a bath: the waves were too big for him and too noisy.

Then, one day, my brother came and visit us. My son is not used to him so it was something new and a surprise. They played a lot, they had a good time but my son was not 100% comfortable with him (not being so familiar with him).

You know what, when my brother asked my son: let’s go to have a bath! my son looked at him a bit embarrassed and said: yes.

From that day on, no problem with waves or noise!

They say that you are usually motivated by desperation or inspiration . What about this case?Persuasion? Something new that led him to break his schema and embrace change? Was it the authority of my brother? The fear (!?!?! 2 years old ?!?!?) to say no and look scared ‘in public’ (liking or social validation)?

I have to apply this technique even if I’d need Prof.Cialdini (and this) to have an answer on the ‘why’ 🙂 ?