When I wrote my posts on ‘Be in rapport via e-mail’ (here is the first one), I was not aware of this presentation by Mark Horstman called: How To Create Relationships And Make The Ask.

There are some slides mapping the DiSC model with e-mail styles:

High D E-Mail
– No Scroll Bars!
– No Names!
– 2 Paragraphs, 2-3 Sentences per Paragraph!
– Tell Me What You Want NOW NOW NOW!
– I Delete Your Jokes Without Reading Them.
– I Do Care About You, But …
– I Am Incapable of Even Noticing All Your Attachments
High I E-Mail
– Start With My Name! (Nickname if We’re “Buds”, K?)
– Ask Me How I Am!
– Tell Me How You Are!
– Long is Cool, Jokes Are GREAT, Include Me, Include Me!
– Work is Great Too – Whatever – But It Better Come First!
– I’ll Do It, Sure! But Would You Please Follow Up?

High S E-Mail
– Would You Please Start With My Name? Thank You!
– I Do Hope You’ll Tell Me You’re Doing Well
– It Means A Lot to Me When You Ask After Me and My Family
– Tell Me The Whole Story If You Can – I Appreciate It
– I Work Harder When You Show You Care About Me
– Reading Those Attachments Takes A Lot of Time… But I Understand
– Don’t You Love Those Warm Fuzzy Stories? I Knew You Did! 
High C E-Mail
– Names Are A Waste of Time and Screen Energy
– Longer Is Better – Please Give Me The Entire History
– I Love Attachments Find Attachments Very Effective
– I Want You to Have Complete Knowledge
– I Will Take Longer To Respond, But I Will Have The Answer By Then

Great stuff, as usual from Mark!

If you aren’t familiar with the DiSC model, I do suggest that you start listening to this podcast.