The ‘customer of site’ practice has many benefits: among others it helps in managing and sharing/communicating the scheduling.

Unfortunately, for many reasons, sometimes this is not enough. For example in my company we have MANY different clients with MANY projects per client with a single SW dev team (we mainly evolve applications).

For this reasons we try every week to schedule ‘iterations’ for this or that client based on priorities, importance, urgency, … This means that some high priority user stories, for some users, cannot be scheduled in the next physical iteration (next week) but who knows when.

Following some customers’ (and bosses’) requests, we are designing a schedule report. Well, they asked for a Gant chart but we are trying something different.

So far we have decided that:

. the report must be useful for them AND for US

. the report must be divided into 3 categories: certain time frame schedule (next iteration), uncertain time frame schedule (a couple of months), unknown time frame schedule (> 2 months)

. the report must show info related and meaningful with the defined time frame

That’s all for now, please send me feedback if you have had similar experiences.