I had the pleasure to spend a couple of weeks of holidays with my wife AND my 2 years old child.

Staying with him 24 hours a day, living the full day as HE lives it, gave me some feedback on management.

Yes, a 2 years old child is a young man trying to understand what the environment is, what the rules are, where the risks are. And guess what: YOU are his reference.

He tests you all day long to see your reaction and from this reaction he learns.

And this is exactly what your directs do with you so:

  1. Define the ‘soapbox’: you must delegate to get GREAT results but they need boundaries and milestones
  2. Define FEW rules and NEVER (well, almost 🙂 ) let these rules not being followed: in an agile world you need agile adaptation. You need few strong ‘principles’ more then a lot of checklist and procedures. But these rules are a bible.
  3. The need you FULL attention: no matter if you are tired, bored, angry! They appreciate when you dedicate GOOD time ‘for them only’.