As every team providing services and as every agile team, we need metrics on what we do.

There are a lot of good ideas and discussions about which are the good metrics and, above all, HOW to define metrics that are useful FOR YOU.

We all love ‘objective’ metrics: something that you can measure in an objective (and automatic) way.

So, when we start talking about customer satisfaction, we go into a difficult field: do we have to use indirect objective metrics? Can we use/trust surveys?

Some weeks ago I went in touch with the concept of ‘the ultimate question’.

Here is an excerpt fromWikipedia :

A net promoter score (NPS) is the result of a customer satisfaction survey in which customers are asked only one so-called “ultimate” question: How likely are you to recommend Company or Product X to a friend or colleague?

Is this the way to a more objective measure of customer satisfaction?


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