What you read in the title of this post, is what you read on a slide of ours (me, my boss, my colleagues …) if you are so unlucky  to listen to a typical presentation that we do.

We have our own experience, and our own theory on how to handle outsourcing in the IT space.

Few days ago I listened to an interesting podcast from Gartner (Linda Cohen) in which this brilliant VP talks about 8 myths around outsourcing.

Putting these two things together, I’d like to point out three of these myths:

The myth of enemy: the outsourcer is not a ‘standard’ supplier. You usually have to provide a service with these guys: we are often talking about strong relationship with the end users and with your side of the extended team. That’s why we prefer to have a real partnership with the outsourcer: we want to see ourselves as a unique team.

To tell the truth we love to have this kind of approach in EVERY relationship with third parties.

The myth of self management: signing the contract is NOT a finish, is a start! The hard way is starting in this moment in time. Things are not happening as a magic: you need to spend timeAND resources to getting things done.

The myth of steady state: no matter the contract, things are going to change! Relax, that’s life! And you will never be able to predict the future and put everything in the contract. This point plus the previous two, lead to our vision: people are the key. You need to select the people that are working with you NOT just reading CVs but talking to them!


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