Following an interesting article (Stevie Sacks) on an italian newspaper (Toolnews – June 2006), here is a list of topics that might be useful to modify users’ behaviour and control IT costs in a better way.

Define and share expected SLAs . Commit to these SLAs with a defined budget. Who wants more, has to pay more.

Align IT goals with business goals. It’s not always clear, in a company, what the goal is! And if it’s clear to someone, it’s probably not clear to the IT dept! And, as every tech group, we are often too much focused on building beautiful technological artifacts without keeping the eyes on the ball of the business.

Track and measure your activities. Personel AND phisical resources (storage, hw …). This is a powerful source of feedback: you apply a change to your ‘system’ and you want to see what happens! AND it’s important because, sooner or later, you’ll change boss/CEO/owner/… and you’ll have to answer to some questions.

… to be continued …


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