As I often write on this blog, giving a service (IT or not) is often (always ?) a matter of communication: no matter how good you are, how skilled you are, how complicated the system is, how fast you are.

Users will always remember you in 2 occasions (and this is true no matter the service you are providing: IT, water, power supply, mobile phone services…):

  1. when there is a problem
  2. when they have to pay

So what: (among many other things) you have to spend time in communicating… taking care of your users.

And now the paradox, at least in the IT scenario: where do we hire better, more skilled, more educated people?? In back end operations!!!

Where do we outsource, look for cost saving, hire less educated and more ‘changeable’ people?? In the front end… that is: next to our user… that is WHERE YOU SHOULD FOCUS MORE!



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