Communication is for sure a matter of WHO sends and WHAT is the content of the message but it’s by far more important WHAT THE RECEIVER GETS.

To be sure to maximize this process and be effective in communicating, it’s of great help understanding some of the characteristics of our counterpart. In this way we’ll help him to be more receptive.

I’d like to make a couple of examples.

Basic human behavior: the key is to understand why people are doing what they do.

2 categories: seeking pleasure or avoiding pain. You may want to buy a car because you’ve always loved sport cars (seeking pleasure) or because you’re looking for city car to limit traffic and parking mess (avoiding pain).

Of course we have both but, if you look into your behavior, you’ll probably see that you are more part of one of these 2 very basic categories.

The DISC model: this model is based on 4 categories: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientious.

High “D” individuals like to be direct, focused on results. High “I” like to be more open, friendly, focused on people more then on tasks. High “S” is very collaborative, calm and steady. High “C” individuals are more concentrated on tasks then people, they are logic and precise.

Again we have many of these characteristics and we tend to be more on one of these categories.

For more details about the DISC model, please check the Manager Tools pocast : that’s where I learnt it.


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