I work in the IT space.

As a professional IT worker, everyday I see A LOT OF problems related to ‘pieces of information technology NOT working as expected’. Sometimes they are not easy to use, sometimes they are hard to integrate, sometimes they are hard to support, sometimes they don’t do 100% what you asked, sometimes they don’t do 100% what they were supposed to do.

As a user, I’m also not very happy. Or better I think I’m (as MANY users) too used to ‘almost good’: it’s ok sometimes to switch off the mobile phone because I can’t dial anymore, it’s ok to reboot a PC because it stopped downloading emails, it’s ok to have 4 PhDs to add a table to a spreadsheet, it’s ok to fight against the PdA + the Bluetooth earphone + Bluetooth GPS antenna because they don’t want to collaborate each other + ….

In my opinion all this has at least one BIG reason: we are moving VERY VERY fast!!!

We are moving so quickly innovating under the push of:

1. users themselves: the internet, the way in which the web is moving, the habits …

2. companies that need to grow!

For this reasons, we cannot consolidate technologies, architectures, products, infrastructure … And the result is that these things are perceived (from IT professionals AND users) as easy BUT they are VERY DIFFICULT!


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