I’m an engineer and, as every knowledge worker of this kind, we are pushed by our bosses to be efficient.

When in a project we must be fast, respect deadlines, do our homeworks in a fast, timely and precise way.

One day someone came to us and say:- ok, we see that you are having good results, we have decided to promote you: NOW you are a manager!!! –

WOW! And now?? What does it mean??

It means that you spent part of your professional life becoming and being efficient, and now you are asked to be EFFECTIVE !!!

If you were unlucky, you don’t see this change and start trying being more and more efficient. In a fast changing word, this will lead to paralysis.

If you are lucky this means that your previous bosses treated you as a real knowledge worker using their best tool called: delegation. This will help you in being more effective!


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