I was talking with Nadia, Luka and Nic , about the kind of communication we have with our internal customers.

In this case we were talking about efforts, duration, deadlines … in software development projects.

We see three categories of communication that take places in such a context:

  • communicate info
  • communicate to transfer anxiety
  • communicate to transfer trust and tranquility

Communicate info is the plain transfer of technical info. Hard to do for many reasons (see my old posts about this topic). This is the goal that we have talking about efforts, durations, features.

Communicate to transfer anxiety is when we have a problem and we want to share with our customer. Sometimes we want to behave like this, sometimes it’s just an emerging feeling that we can’t stop.

Communicate to transfer trust and tranquility is when we want our user to see that we are working on his topics. We try to communicate like this giving data, metrics or any kind of info that can demonstrate that we are on the right path. As an agilist the ONLY real outcome to show should be working software AND … we are sinners and sometime we show paper

Tell me about your experience.


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