The more I read and study, the more I -live- my management esperience in the knowledge worker space, the more I think that:

. people is the key: no matter the process you use, no matter your company structure, when things are getting fast and start changing you just relay on people. As a knowledge worker everyone has to take decisions all the time.

. hire the best people: if you have a doubt, don’t hire! This is real performace!

. ‘best’ doesnt mean ‘technically best’: working in high pressure context, in a team context, you are looking at soft skills first! And YES, they must be techincally competent! 

. delegate!: if you want your people grow, let them be responsible. Choose the right things to delegate and the righe people to delegate to. This will also give you, the boss, some brain cycles to give your real high level contribute. Have a look at for hints on the delegation model! It rocks!

. have deputies for key positions: this is good not only for the future of the company and the team but for everday control. Another team member more focuse on the big picture, it’is a real plus for the company!


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