I like very much to study.

I started at school, then I went on in my professional life as a software developer and in the last years I'm fully devoted to management topics.

I'm studing especially about management, people management, communication, negotiation … in few words I'm studing the well known 'soft skills'.

What I see in this moment of my professional life is that it's HARD to apply what you are studing.

For the techincal stuff it was easier, at least for me. With soft skills or management skills in general, it's harder.

2 problems:

  • the more frequent is 'remembering' what I studied in the moment I need it
  • the less frequent is … I DON'T know what to do in that situation and I CANT find a solution based on something I trust on. It's more a standard 'reaction'.

I don't think it's a matter of time: I've been working in management positions for years.

Is someone having the same problem I have?


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