I was reading an article about defending in soccer (I'm not a great fan but I was attracted by nice pictures ).

I found a 4 steps procedure that every defender should always use when facing an opponent and I found a comparison with problem solving.

Step1: attack!

As a defender: run against your opponent as fast as you can to reduce space between him and his goal

As a problem solver: face the problem with passion and with no doubt

Step2: stop!

As a defender: stop when you are next to him to be sure you are able to react to his movements

As a problem solver: stop your rush, don't just react, have a look at the big picture, don't see the forrest for the trees

Step3: go together!

As a defender: stay with your opponent, don't let him run away, insist

As a problem solver: stay
with your problem, don't understimate the size, don't understimate the feedback from who's having it, don't let him fade away, insist, debug, test

Step4: act!

As a defender: steal the ball to your opponent

As a problem solver: solve it!


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