Reading the book ‘Getting things done’ by David Allen, I found that what’s described as the Natural Planning Tecniques is great!
It’s easy and it’s a good base to help especially young people thinking in term of planning.
Planning moves from a super-guru, tricky software based activity, to a day by day easy and natural tecnique.
We plan ANYTIME we want to do something. We often don’t do it in a conscious way: it’s something fast that our brain does for us in some way.
1. WHY are we going out for dinner tonight? Which is the purpose?: Have fun? Stay alone with my wife??
2. Feel the sensation to be in that beautifull restaurant with the sea in front of us … that is feeling the success and define the outcomes
3. HOW are we going to do that? WHERE are we going?? Brainstoming!!!
4. Let’s organize the evening: I first call for the reservation, I check to see if there is gas in my car, then I go home to change my dresses …. That is finding activities, priorities, …
5. Next action: what do I have to do next?