My mother is not very good in using the computer. When she gets a message box error ‘Unable to do bla bla’ she gets angry because it sounds like the message box is: YOU ARE NOT ABLE to do that. This is human AND probably due also to the education we had in our life: if you do the right thing you are the good guy, if you don’t do the right thing here is the consequence, here is the punishment, here is the bad mark. 

After a while she relaxes and calls my brother. My brother sees the problem and says: come on mom, it’s easy, just do this and this!!! 

2 mistakes: 

1. my mother is not able to get what he is doing: probably too fast and probably my brother is omitting some details that are obvious for him BUT not obvious at all for my mom. 

2. DON’t tell me IT’S EASY! What happens next time she has the same or a similar error?? She doesn’t want her child coming and saying: it’s easy !!!! So either she shuts the damn computer down (NO result!) or calls someone else (maybe my father so they spend half a day looking for a solution that probably IS easy: NO efficiency). 

Do you know what happens if my 1 year old child gets a similar problem: he PLAYS and HAS FUN finding a NEW solution, looking for a different PATH!!! 

It’s amazing how we loose this attitude growing up.