As you probably know, we have different styles in learning, thinking, behaving. We can be more auditive, visual or kinesthetic: of course we have some of all characteristics but one of them is usually dominant. 

I’m a visual kind of guy and a colleague of mine is auditive. Here is what happens in a typical one-on-one: 

. I sketch ideas, picture solutions, change idea 10 times a second, do 10 things in the same time, do and redo things again, go into details even if it’s not the case, ….; 

. HE repeats everything, asks me questions, writes down ideas, explains the same thing with different words, needs silence and likes to tell stories. 


If you see us in a meeting it seems like we are not talking each other: everyone is going into his direction with his own rhythm doing his own meeting. 

Remember that you have a chance to communicate something if you can act/message in the way the receiver is used to keep it AND, of course, if you talk about something HE cares. 

So if you are a ‘visual’ and find an ‘auditive’: give him time, let him do his questions, ask him something and let him think, slow down a little bit (both rhythm and tone) and LISTEN to him!!