Communication is a matter of: sender, content, media, receiver and frequency. Listen to this wonderful podcast to go in details.  

What I’d like to talk about is something about the media. Yes, you have to convince yourself that communication is NOT a synonym of email!If you are in doubt which is the best media to use in a given situation, use FACE-TO-FACE communication. If you have a doubt that this is the case in which face-to-face communication maybe is not the best thing to do: USE face-to-face communication.

People love to stay with people they know and like. And the people we like is people that communicate to us about things WE care.

Have you ever had the impression, reading an email, that the sender seems not to be the same person you have talked to the day before?

That’s the key: when you talk to someone you are using your voice (worlds, tone, accents, pauses …), your mimic, your body. And the listener is giving feedback even without speaking in the same way. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the ‘media’ to be sure the listener gets the message.
Remember that communication is JUST what the receiver gets. No matter how detailed/good/well formed is your message … it’s just what he gets that counts (and the marketing guys know this principle VERY well).

You can be the best expert in your field but if people can’t talk to you, can’t have a coffee with you, can’t talk with you about their week end, can’t interact with you except with emails … I’m sorry you are probably going to fail.

Our emotions are contagiuos: you never ever want to stay/work/live/have a coffe with someone who just care about itself, with someone who’s unable to have a relatioship with othe people. Yes of course, it can work for some time but ….