I was discussing with another sw dev leader about the need to track all requests.
My counterpart is stating that tracking requests that you will never do (because you’ll never have time to do that, because they are at VERY LOW priority, …) is useless and give a bad feedback to the user (you never do what I ask).
He says that for every request you should meet and try to understand better: if you and the client agree that the think ‘is a request’, then you add to your tracking system.
On the contrary I say that FIRST I track the request, then the client put all his requests in priority, IF and only IF ‘that’ request will be topmost and we are going to attack it, in that moment (planning game) we analyze it and see if and how it has to be done.
Please note that we are talking about a request rate > # developers per day.
P.S. I’ m following an agile methodology, he is not but … I’d like to have feedback regardless the moethodolody you use.