I think there are many links between social software theory and chaos theory (in the area of emerging systems).Social software deal, among other things, with a sw that is able to ‘change’ itself in a way to follow users nees. Tha actual approach is viceversa: usually if you want to get good results from a piece of software you need to use it in a way “it likes”.

Emerging chaos deal with organized structures ’emerging’ (in some way “violating” thermodinamic theory, entrpoy …) from an unorganized context. This is used, for example, as a driver in some agile sw development methods (like eXtreme Programming) where no ‘ex ante’ architectural analyis is done. Under certain ‘forces’, the best and simpler architecture grows during the sw life cycle.

I think that a sw that can cope exactly with each user need, is a software in which the inner and outer structure is not ready ‘out of the box’ but emerges during the usage.